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Re: using Miro

On Tue September 4 2007, Matthew Flaschen wrote:
> Claude Jones wrote:
> > on checking, I found some elements of Xine installed, but not Xine
> > itself.
> Hmm, I had xine installed but when I uninstalled it miro still seemed to
> work.

I've been experimenting with this app for less than 14 hours, so I don't have 
much informed commentary I could make - one interesting thing, just 
coincidentally, I happened to download Sabayon last night because I noticed 
it had become #4 on Distrowatch - I was trying various things and I happened 
to open Democracy Player, which I've never tried, and the GUI that opened up 
was the same as Miro - there's some relationship there, though I didn't see 
any mention of Democracy TV Player on the Miro website

> > I'm running an nVidia card with the nVidia
> > drivers, and the results are stunning on the one video I just watched, a
> > little 'Hubblecast' from NASA/ESA on the Hubble telescope images from a
> > SuperNova
> On second look, the problem is not my video card/driver.  True, high-def
> videos are tough on vesa (I'm looking forward to a new computer with a
> good Intel graphics card with a FOSS driver), but I was experiencing
> massive slowdowns playing videos in Miro.  And thinking back videos from
> the same channel (so not a resolution issue) played fine in miro before.
> The videos still play outside of miro, which indicates either:
> a. Miro is slowing it down by background activities (e.g. checking
> channels, downloading videos).
> b. Bug in miro/xine lib.
> I just took some steps to alleviate problem a.
> 1. Limit downloads to 3 at once.
> 2. Disable automatic downloads on all channels (may selectively reenable
> later).
> 3. Specify manual checking for channel updates
> But miro's still so slow it's unusable (I have to force quit) when
> videos are playing, so I don't think that's it.
> Again, I can play the videos in mplayer or xine (except if you quit xine
> while certain videos are playing it crashes X).

I have not used xine much, having been satisfied with mplayer and VLC for most 
of those needs, so again, I can't make an informed suggestion. I would think 
that running the vesa driver would be a good suspect - I hear lots of 
complaints about it, and every time I've had to use it, it seemed to have 
many issues, but again, I've never spent a lot of time in vesa land, as I 
have always used the proprietary ATI or nVidia drivers on my systems...
Then again, you say you can play the downloads with xine except you can't quit 
out, which would seem to point at xine issues... Sorry, nothing much to 
offer - it sounds like you're on the right investigative track. If there's no 
help to found on the Miro site, maybe there's some suggestions to be found in 
the Democracy TV Player forums - I'm guessing one's a derivative of the 
other, or they are forks

Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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