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Re: Installing Fedora7 in a VirtualPC2007 guest?

> I guess some screen saver has started, but it should not keep on
> running when I use the mouse, really....
> Is there a key combination that can wake it up from the screen saver
> blackness???

It sounds like Fedora has not realized you are back ! Normally wiggling the 
mouse or hitting a few keys is enough to switch of any screen saver.

It sounds to me more like some poor interference between your host VirtualPC, 
Fedora and your host machine. For host maybe hasn't given back your 
keyboard/mouse to your guest ?

I guess you have tried this, but are there some special key combinations to 
switch focus for your mouse/keyboard from your host OS to the guest  (I've 
only used VMWare, not VPC, and the other way around, host Fedora with guest 
WinXP, so I'm kind of guessing here).

Also, maybe once you have things back you could try disabling entirely the 
screen saver in the guest OS and leave this up to the host to deal with ?

sorry, this probably isn't much use.... (You are actually the first person I 
can recall using VirtualPC to post to this list...)


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