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Re: Market share: Windows vs Linux vs Mac vs ??

Karl Larsen wrote:

   A Mac is very expensive compared to a PC. So they sell just a few.

The difference is not as extreme as it used to be if you compare equivalent specifications. But Apple doesn't like to give updates away, so be prepared to buy the ilife package and perhaps OS X several times during the life of the box.

My wife thinks a Mac is easier to use than Windows XP. So my next computer purchase is a Mac.

Note that you'll get the unix command line goodness that linux also inherits along with a desktop GUI that 'just works' - and usable firewire drivers. You may not appreciate the value of working firewire support until you get your second one - then you can boot the first one in 'firewire target' mode (they all do that) connect the new one, and let it automatically copy over all the users, settings and applications you had on the old one. Amazingly, this works even across the ppc and intel processor types.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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