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Re: Cron emails

Vivek J. Patankar wrote:
Mike Chambers wrote:
These past few days, it seems my FC7 box (also my mail/http server) have
stopped sending me emails from crontab scripts that run.  For instance I
don't get my nightly epylogs, nor from any of my crond scripts that I
have in the cron.x directories.  I ran my epylog one manually and it got
sent.  So it's not like it won't do it at all, just not on it's own.
Maybe the scripts aren't getting ran?  As in cron is broke or something?
I didn't do anything to the box myself, as it only gets updates from
updates and testing but that's it.  No other programs have been added or
Just wondering if a recent update may have contributed as I cdan't
remember the last one.

This was discussed on the list a few days back (31st August). It seems a change to /usr/bin/run-parts in the crontab-1.10-15 update is the culprit.
A bugzilla entry[1] was mentioned too.
Hope this helps.

And it has been fixed in the latest batch of updates. :-)

विवेक ज. पाटणकर (Vivek J. Patankar)

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