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Re: using Miro

Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> I read the description of this package and it sounds interesting. I installed 
> the rpm from the fedora repo. The package opens properly, and subscribing to 
> channels works, videos get downloaded, but when I click the play button, the 
> screen flashes for a second as if its trying to play but then reverts the 
> selections page. If I go to the download folders and click on the files, I 
> can get them to play with VLC. So, I'm getting playable files. Going through 
> the options doesn't yield much. I've read through the faq and I'm looking 
> through the forum - 
> Has anyone gotten this package to work?

Yeah... it's not exactly obvious.  This gets the FLV (flash video) stuff
working (livna repo needed for the second package)

# yum install gstreamer-python gstreamer-ffmpeg

As root, edit


line 75

where you find this chunk of code

        if values == None:
            # Using both renderers causes segfaults --NN

Change it to use gstreamer


and save and restart Miro.  FLV (eg, the JETSET stuff) works here after


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