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reverse SSH / SSH over NAT traversal

Hi all,

I'm trying to connect to a remote host to do some simple support. The remote host is behind a NAT/firewall and it's not possible to ask the admin to tunnel a port. The remote host has a live person working on it (a linux newbie). The question is, can the remote user type in some command in their terminal to connect (SSH?) to my network - and thereby allow me to get a terminal on the remote machine. I think this is possible with a reverse SSH tunnel - but I don't really want to allow the remote user any access to my system. It's probably possible to set up some chroot or otherwise locked out environment (/bin/nologin ?), but I want to first check if there are any simpler options.

A better question: is it possible to establish an SSH connection if both networks have NAT/firewalls that can't be easily controlled? I know some programs (e.g. skype) are able to traverse NATs by various means (UDP). Can some tunnel of this sort be established so that an SSH connection can be established on top of that?


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