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SV: Install mailman

Eh what wil the option -o do??
I have'nt install fedora on my server right now
If i have smtp auth enabled in postfix wil mailman work??
But have'nt mailman its onw aliases in /var/mailman or somthing

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För Nicolas Canepa
Skickat: den 5 september 2007 20:45
Till: For users of Fedora
Ämne: Re: Install mailman

Yun add the aliases manually, or when using the newlist script that 
comes with mailman, put the option -o /etc/aliases

try ./newlist --help , for a list of all options

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mattias escribió:
> When i have installed mailman on fedora and created a new list Most i
> manualy insert the aliases for the list in /etc/aliases?

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