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Re: How to install Thunderbird in linux?

Bo Berglund wrote:
I have just installed Fedora7 on a virtual machine and now I would
like to get my email program on there as well (Thunderbird).
So I went to mozilla and downloaded the Thunderbird install files.
But now what?

I am used to Windows and there usually is a "setup" or "install"
program one executes, but here I have a gz archive that I have
unpacked to a /Thunderbird folder in my home dir. Lots of files and
But what do I do now?

As you may understand I am completely new to Linux so I could probably
only use GUI tools. Is there a manager for installed programs in

In Fedora, software is usually packaged and available in a central software repository. There are graphical as well as command line programs for installing, updating or removing software.

If you prefer the graphical utility, Add/Remove programs (Pirut), see


Launching pirut will ask you for the root (administrator) password, you can search for thunderbird and install it.

There are some screencasts available at


The command line equivalent is called yum and you can learn about it in



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