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Re: How to install Thunderbird in linux?

Bo Berglund wrote:
> I have just installed Fedora7 on a virtual machine and now I would
> like to get my email program on there as well (Thunderbird).
> So I went to mozilla and downloaded the Thunderbird install files.
> But now what?
> I am used to Windows and there usually is a "setup" or "install"
> program one executes, but here I have a gz archive that I have
> unpacked to a /Thunderbird folder in my home dir. Lots of files and
> folders.
> But what do I do now?
> As you may understand I am completely new to Linux so I could probably
> only use GUI tools. Is there a manager for installed programs in
> Fedora7?
> Bo Berglund
You are doing things the hard way. Chances are, Thunderbird is
already installed. If it isn't, you can download/install it by
running, as root, "yum install thunderbird". If you want to install
the version you downloaded, there are fairly complete instructions
at the same place you downloaded Thunderbird from.

Because you are new to Linux, I would advise you to use yum to do
the install, or the Install New Software menu item, and select it
from the list. If you install things without using yum/rpm, you can
run into problems when you go to install other software because the
system will not know the packages are installed, and will tell you
you need to install them if other packages require them.


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