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Re: Successful install of Fedora7 in VPC2007 guest

Bo Berglund wrote:
> Then I have to know what command actually starts the GUI text editor,
> and I don't...

Of course, it depends on which GUI text editor you want to run.  gedit
is a good choice.

Just run:


I'm almost certain it's installed by default.  But if not, run:

yum -y install gedit

> So I am not very keen on command line editors, really.

That's fine.  There's almost never a need to use one.

>> >From that CLI...  You've got a plethora of editors to call on, gedit,
>> pico, nano, vi, vim, gvim, emacs, joe, etc., depending on what you've
>> installed, of course.
> All are character based command window editors, I gather?

No.  gedit, gvim, and emacs (though this can be run in a command-line
terminal as well) are all GUI editors (and there are many other GUI
editors to choose from).

Matt Flaschen

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