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Re: changing intrd

Karl Larsen wrote:

You don't need /dev/initrd - you need /boot/initrd-your-kernel-version.img as mentioned in grub. man mkinitrd will show the command to build a new one and the only special trick is that you need to put the necessary but missing 'alias' entries in /etc/modprobe.conf first so it will include your driver modules in the new image.

Well Les, I have no idea what Internet thing I have, no idea what the sound card is called. So I deleted the ones from this computer. But when mkintrd ran it said can't make it because it exists. So I deleted the 2 in /boot. Then ran it and said "no modules available for this kernel".

The only thing that matters at this point is the driver for the disk containing your root partition. You can fix the other stuff after you are able to boot normally. The 'no modules' error means you didn't type your kernel version number number exactly right. It has to match what's on the system.

So guess I'm dead. we need a real F7 HowTo for this. It is now a catch 22 thing.

If you booted the install CD in rescue mode, the hardware would have been detected and the right module loaded. You can probably figure out the disk driver you need from what 'lsmod' says in rescue mode.

The reason you don't see a HowTo for this is that it is easier to re-install because the installer checks the hardware and sets all the right things up automatically. Its only worth doing it this way if you have configured a lot of applications that will be difficult to repeat.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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