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Re: SV: Install mailman

mattias wrote:
> Eh what wil the option -o do??

Nothing anymore.  The option was removed over 6 years ago.  It was
used to specify an output filename to which the aliases were appended.

You said you were using Postfix, so I would suggest you utilize the
very good Postfix integration.  Read the Mailman installation manual:


Specifically, the section on Postfix should be of interest to you:


> If i have smtp auth enabled in postfix wil mailman work??

Déjà vu.  I replied to you a month or so ago:


The mailman-users list has an answer at:


> But have'nt mailman its onw aliases in /var/mailman or somthing

Often it does, yes.  In the Fedora install, the aliases are kept in
/etc/mailman/aliases.  This differs from the upstream mailman code.
You'll want to read /usr/share/doc/mailman-2.1.9/INSTALL.REDHAT for
details of the installation steps that are needed after installing the

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