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computer and F7 in 2 days?

Please provide advice on computer, OS, support.

I am a FC2 user. F7 would not install on my computer as it seems
reluctant to boot any DVD even though it installed FC2 fine from CD. I
have another old XP computer with many gigs free too but no DVD. From
messages here it might be possible to get these working under F7 someday
but it will cost too much to spend more time on this now.

I want
- to get going in the next few days.
- to do distance learning of French and Spanish via video courses/
live-video-voice-chat meetings with others.
- to use Antidote, an advanced program for French writing that runs on
FC5 and FC6 with OpenOffice2 or XP and Vista with MS Word, etc.
- to use Linux on at least some computers.

I am ready to  do one or more of the following:
- buy an iMac
- buy whatever clone (if I can figure out in a few days which computer
or parts will work and what to use for video conferencing)
- buy XP
- buy RHEL or any other support necessary to get going fast.

I would be glad of any recommendations you would care to provide, here
or in email, or even other places to ask.


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