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Re: How to install Thunderbird in linux?

On Wed, 05 Sep 2007 16:43:12 -0500, "Mikkel L. Ellertson"
<mikkel infinity-ltd com> wrote:

>Bo Berglund wrote:
>> I have just installed Fedora7 on a virtual machine and now I would
>> like to get my email program on there as well (Thunderbird).
>> So I went to mozilla and downloaded the Thunderbird install files.
>> But now what?
>> I am used to Windows and there usually is a "setup" or "install"
>> program one executes, but here I have a gz archive that I have
>> unpacked to a /Thunderbird folder in my home dir. Lots of files and
>> folders.
>> But what do I do now?
>> As you may understand I am completely new to Linux so I could probably
>> only use GUI tools. Is there a manager for installed programs in
>> Fedora7?
>> Bo Berglund
>You are doing things the hard way.

Well, I simply opened the Thubderbird webpage in FireFox and it
brought me to a page with a prominent "Get Tbird for Linux" button,
which I used. The next thing was a box asking if I wanted to run or
save the file. Selected Run but it saved anyway.
That's where I got...
>Chances are, Thunderbird is already installed.

How can I find out?

>If it isn't, you can download/install it by
>running, as root, "yum install thunderbird".

Sounds like a simpler way than what I did....
Of course you'd have to know that such a command exists.

>If you want to install
>the version you downloaded, there are fairly complete instructions
>at the same place you downloaded Thunderbird from.

I'll have a look again.

>Because you are new to Linux, I would advise you to use yum to do
>the install, or the Install New Software menu item, and select it
>from the list. If you install things without using yum/rpm, you can
>run into problems when you go to install other software because the
>system will not know the packages are installed, and will tell you
>you need to install them if other packages require them.

I'll go the yum way then.

Bo Berglund

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