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Re: computer and F7 in 2 days?

On 9/6/07, Doug Purdy <1der rogers com> wrote:
> Please provide advice on computer, OS, support.
> I am a FC2 user. F7 would not install on my computer as it seems
> reluctant to boot any DVD even though it installed FC2 fine from CD. I
> have another old XP computer with many gigs free too but no DVD. From
> messages here it might be possible to get these working under F7 someday
> but it will cost too much to spend more time on this now.
> I want
> - to get going in the next few days.
> - to do distance learning of French and Spanish via video courses/
> live-video-voice-chat meetings with others.
> - to use Antidote, an advanced program for French writing that runs on
> FC5 and FC6 with OpenOffice2 or XP and Vista with MS Word, etc.
> - to use Linux on at least some computers.
> I am ready to  do one or more of the following:
> - buy an iMac
> - buy whatever clone (if I can figure out in a few days which computer
> or parts will work and what to use for video conferencing)
> - buy XP
> - buy RHEL or any other support necessary to get going fast.
> I would be glad of any recommendations you would care to provide, here
> or in email, or even other places to ask.

The installation dvd of F7 does not also boot here, as its kernel is buggy:


You may be able to upgrade your FC2 to F7 through yum. See



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