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Re: kernel panic

> What I did was update the copy from the F7DVD which gave me the original
> kernel that boots up. I have a lot of things to fix but the basic system
> is running. Yes the effort to try and fix initrd was a bag of worms you
> do not want to try. I got very upset because things were not as they
> said in the man pages.
> Sorry I was so grumpy but it really looked bad. But now it works. I'm on
> the new computer with a head on my pointer and Thunderbird works.
>         Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI

Excellent. I suspect the settings in grub.conf was at issue.  Because
unless your new system had the same type of drive (IDE or SATA) on the
same bus, grub.conf would most likely be pointing to the wrong
location for the stage 2 boot loader (hence kernel panic).  By running
the recovery from the boot DVD it no doubt went in and recognized your
hardware,made the proper entries in grub.conf for the stage 2 boot
loader and likely updated your hardware configuration file(s) (I say
likely but I am not certain if it would have done that or if that
would have happened on re-boot).

When I saw all the advice you were getting, knowing a bit more of what
you likely attempted to do, I realized that the advice was given based
on what you provided in this thread but likely without the knowledge
of the background of what you had done.

Jacques B.

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