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RE: fedora-list Digest, Vol 43, Issue 44

> > Bought a new 320 GB EIDE disk and installed it as MASTER and moved
> > previous MASTER (a 160 GB EIDE disk that booted WinXP) to SLAVE.
> > made the old hd0 hd1 and the new disk hd0. Without any OS installed
> > the new hd0, the machine continued to boot WinXP from hd1.
> Are you sure of this above? No change at all, and swap from master to
> slave
> of the previous disk? Did you change anything in BIOS options?
> perhaps it would help if inside windows section of grub you have
> like this:
> title Other
> 	rootnoverify (hd1,0)
>         map (hd1) (hd0)
>         map (hd0) (hd1)
> 	chainloader +1
> HIH,
> Gianluca

Yes, that is correct...I moved the jumper on both drives to ensure the
old MASTER became the SLAVE and the new drive was the new MASTER.
Didn't do anything in the BIOS, and it recognized them both.  The output
of parted shows that F7 got it right (sda has multiple Linux partitions
and sdb has two NTFS partitions).

I'll try the re-mapping tonight.  The dual-boot HowTo documents I read
all seemed to indicate the problem associated with Windows wanting to
boot from the first drive was associated with Win 9x.  I seem to
remember in the past getting WinXP to boot from the second or third disk
in the sequence. A couple of years back I had a disk failure, and when I
ended up installing the new disk, the drive with the bootable WinXP
partition was hd1. The machine was later rebuilt and XP ended up on hd0.
I could be wrong, but that was my recollection. 

Dave McGuffey
Principal Information System Security Engineer
SAIC, IISBU, Columbia, MD
410.865.7972 (w)

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