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Re: How to install Thunderbird in linux?

On Thu, 06 Sep 2007 08:57:49 +0100, Andy Green <andy warmcat com>

>Somebody in the thread at some point said:
>>> Because you are new to Linux, I would advise you to use yum to do
>>> the install, or the Install New Software menu item, and select it
>>>from the list. If you install things without using yum/rpm, you can
>>> run into problems when you go to install other software because the
>>> system will not know the packages are installed, and will tell you
>>> you need to install them if other packages require them.
>> I'll go the yum way then.
>Another reason that's a good idea is security updates.  If you download
>and install private "off piste" binaries, it's down to you to track when
>security issues are found with them and go off and update them.  Whereas
>a periodic "yum update" will pull in security (and other) updates
>Thunderbird, like Firefox, is a high profile target for security issues
>because a lot of the codebase is shared with the Windows versions, which
>are pretty popular.  One of the biggest benefits of specifically Fedora
>is that Redhat are very hot on getting security updates out quickly.

I used yum install thunderbird and now I have a menu entry to start
Thunderbird. :-)

I noted that on the top of the screen there are a few small icons to
the right of te last menu item, these seem to launch certain
applications which one wants quick access to.
But the email program is not Thunderbird, it is another one entirely.

How can I replace that speedicon with Thunderbird?

Bo Berglund

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