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dd copy and problems

I am surprised how many people on this list knew as little about the problems of making a copy of a working system run on another computer as I did. It is now after doing it no mystery. But the evidence of a partial boot and then kernel panic that proved it was a real problem.

If you want a perfect copy of a operating system like F7 you can get it if you use the dd in the Rescue CD. Now you need to work on the copy so in the other computer it will be set so Grub boots the kernel. To this point it is simple.

Alas when you try your copy it does boot up but then kernel panic ends the boot up. What went wrong? Nothing. Two other files that the kernel uses to boot up to the real system are the initrd in /boot/ and the /etc/modprobe.conf files.

These two files contain data the kernel needs to boot properly. In the copy the data in the files are for the other computer. And that is wrong for the kernel in the copy.

I heard many say to do this and do that. But when I was told it was the two files I knew it was hopeless. I'm on this new computer only because I tried an experiment that worked.

The copy would not boot, so with the F7 DVD I cme up and told it to Update my F7. It did all the things to do that and all it loaded was a new old kernel AND a good new initrd and /etc/modeprobe.conf.

The copy boots up with a lot of kuzo things going on. But does boot up and works. The new computer has a zillion problems but hope it will get better.


	Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI
	Linux User
	#450462   http://counter.li.org.

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