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Re: ATI video comes out of the closet

Les Mikesell wrote:
> Matthew Flaschen wrote:
>>>> So far the nVidia video card on my motherboard has been the one
>>>> biggest head acke in this computer. It is wonderful with Windows I
>>>> hear but it sucks on Linux. Had I known....
>>> Are you running the driver that nVidia gives away and fedora makes you
>>> go out of your way to install and use?
>> I think you mean nVidia makes you go out of the way.
> No I don't mean that.  I don't have to make any extra effort for nVidia
> drivers on Windows or Macs.

Oh, really?  You can get all the drivers you need directly from
Microsoft?  Then what's the issue with Vista hardware?

> nVidia themselves are doing more work for
> the Linux version since they can't count on a stable interface.

And Windows has a stable interface?  Again, I refer you to Vista.

> Fedora could redistribute the driver as provided by nVidia but chooses not to.

If they were willing to have hidden code they're legally unable to modify.

> Well we disagree, then.  I have no interest in having source or rights
> to do anything but use the devices.

No one said you would need to personally modify or redistribute the
source code.  That doesn't mean you're not benefiting from others doing so.

> I just want drivers that work and that work should only have to be done once.

There's no software you can write, then just forget about.

> It will be interesting to see how many people _really_ are able to do better than the vendor engineers
> at writing drivers, though.

Of course, that's true if the devices aren't properly documented.  But
the kernel hackers have already done wonders for devices with good docs,
and even some without.

Matt Flaschen

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