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Re: Checklist software, anyone?

On 07/09/07, Matthew Flaschen <matthew flaschen gatech edu> wrote:
> Dotan Cohen wrote:
> > In KDE-Apps.org I have found 3 list managers but none of them
> > support hierarchal lists nor checkmarks.
> I don't know exactly what your criteria is, and it would help if you
> list the apps you have ruled out.  But I use KOrganizer, which does have
> hierarchical todo-lists that can be checked or marked partially
> completed (with %).  You can also set priority, etc.
> Matt Flaschen

Thanks, Matt. I also use Korganizer's hierarchical to do lists. I'm
looking for something very similar with multiple lists, expabdable
hierarchy, checkboxes (with reset feature), and a notes field. Other
fields such as a configurable dropdown box, priority settings, and
date, would be great.

Korganizer's to do lists have most of these features, but I need a
second app for three reasons:
1) To keep my temporary and ever-changing to do items seperate from my
long-term and rather constant lists. This will also help keep
Korganizer's Summary screen clean. For instance, my list of programs
to install everytime I reinstall Linux should not be there in my
Summary page, when important "to do"s should be there.
2) I use the priority feature for my "to do" lists and my constant
(not "to do") lists. Thus, having them in the same app will destroy my
ability to sort by priority, as the two will be intermingled.
3) I need the checkbox reset feature. For instance, I have a list of
things that I must do each week, and I check them off as I complete
them. At the start of a new week I reset the list, that means that all
checkboxes are emptied.

I have in fact tried to move some of my constant lists to Korganizer's
to do list, but I find that it cannot be a satisfactory long-term

Thanks. Any suggestions appreciated.

Dotan Cohen




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