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Re: Moving to a new partition for /usr

John Pierce wrote:
> Hello, I have created a new partition labeled usr01 and I want to copy
> all of the contents of /usr to that partition and then use it as the
> new partition.  This is the steps that I have taken, I would
> appreciate any comments if what I propose will function correctly.
> Installed new drive
> made partition labeled usr01
> mounted new partition on /mnt
> cd /usr
> cp -R --preserve=all * /mnt
> That is what I have done so far, now if I do the following will the
> system boot up and work correctly?
> umount /mnt
> edit /etc/fstab and make the new partition /dev/sdb1 mount to /usr
> reboot.
It should boot up just fine. You can test things by dropping to run
level 1 (telinit 1), and running "mount /dev/sdb1 /usr", and then
going back to run level 5. If you did everything correctly, you
should have the GUI login, and everything should work. I am not 100%
sure that --preserve=all will copy the selinux context attributes.
If it doesn't, you will need to relabel the /usr tree.

You may want to rename /usr to something else, and create a new /usr
to serve as the mount point. Once you are sure everything is
working, you can delete the old /usr tree to regain that space. If
you use the current /usr as your mount point, it will hide all the
existing files.


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