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Re: figuring out all wireless connections on fedora 6/7

On Fri September 7 2007, Globe Trotter wrote:
> I don't know. Maybe I need some more stuff set up before I can do anything?
> Is there a webpage with a helpfile or manual somewhere? Of course, I should
> google it, haven't done that yet. Will do so, now.

I'd say so. Have you done anything to configure wireless on your machine? You 
have to start by figuring out what wireless network hardware your machine 

Robert Day from this list posted some useful notes that may help here:
If you don't have a broadcom chip, some of his early instrux may help you 
figure what you do have. 

You may have an unsupported chip in which case you would need to take a look 
at ndiswrapper - here's a place to poke around:

Karl Larsen has also posted some resources that bear looking at from this 

If this is a bit overwhelming, at least run the lspci command discussed in 
some of those links and post the results back here and someone will be able 
to point you in the right direction
Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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