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Re: Checklist software, anyone?

Dotan Cohen wrote:

> 1) To keep my temporary and ever-changing to do items seperate from my
> long-term and rather constant lists.

You actually can kind of have multiple lists in two ways.

First, you can categorize items.  Then, you have to have a way to see
only items in that category.  I just discovered how to do that.  Go to
Settings, Manage View Filter.  Then, create a view filter to show only a
particular category (you can also edit this list).

The other way is to use a different calendar for each to-do list.  You
can also toggle which of these are viewable, but it's not easy to do
from the todo screen.

> 3) I need the checkbox reset feature. For instance, I have a list of
> things that I must do each week, and I check them off as I complete
> them. At the start of a new week I reset the list, that means that all
> checkboxes are emptied.

I think perhaps you could use the Recurrence feature.

Matt Flaschen

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