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Re: ATI video comes out of the closet

On Fri, 07 Sep 2007 07:54:52 +0100
Andy Green <andy warmcat com> wrote:

> If you already had a driver in the Xorg tree and Fedora, there are no
> technical reasons pushing you to change to the nVidia binary-only model:
> it's more painful and less efficient for everybody, even nVidia.  So
> people are quite right to complain -- at nVidia.

I just read a comment in the Slashdot article regarding this matter that Nvidia
has claimed in the past that they will open-source their video driver when ATI
open-sources theirs.  Unfortunately, the poster didn't cite a source - at least
not one that I have come across to date.  It would be very nice and most
fascinating if someone could come up with a reliable source for that statement.

So, that leads to two interesting questions:  Did Nvidia actually say that,
and will Nvidia follow through on that commitment, if indeed they did make that

Our resident Nvidia shill, Lenny, should be in a good position to find out the
facts in regard to this matter (whether they did in fact say that, and whether
they will in fact do what they said they would do).  Frankly, I'm quite
interested in what happens.  We live in interesting times, and all that.

Therefore and accordingly:

Hey Lenny:  What's the situation?

We already know what your word on here is worth (not much, unfortunately) but
if you can point us to some reliable source material so we can verify what you
say then your apparent access to Nvidia statements will serve a useful and
informative purpose.

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