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Re: ATI video comes out of the closet

On Thu, 2007-09-06 at 18:36 -0400, Matthew J. Roth wrote:
> Unless you had the same video card on your other computer, I'd wager 
> it's your configuration that "sucks."  You know, since it's for a 
> different set of hardware.

In the past, I have done a drive swap between different hardware, and
simply running kudzu was enough to get the system to switch drivers,
etc., from the stuff needed for the old hardware for what's needed for
the different hardware.  It worked for me, but I could have just been
lucky.  If an initrd had been compiled for my hardware, and the second
lot was sufficiently different, that might have been a whole lot worse.

[tim bigblack ~]$ uname -ipr i686 i386

Using FC 4, 5, 6 & 7, plus CentOS 5.  Today, it's FC7.

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