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Re: Removing Grub

2007/9/7, Jacques B. <jjrboucher gmail com>:
> ... sorry, wrong typing; the corret block size is 466 and not 496. I
> apologize.
> --
> Alessandro Brezzi

Not quite.  446.  The first sector is 512 bytes.  The first 446 bytes
is the MBR.  The next 64 bytes is the partition record (4 X16 - hence
why you can only have 4 primary partitions) followed by the magic #
\x55 \xaa.  446(MBR)+64(parition table)+2(magic number)=512.

You can view the partition table by doing the following as root
(assuming your primary hard drive is /dev/hda for this example).

dd if=/dev/hda bs=1 skip=446 count=64 |xxd

This will give you the 4 partitions (16 bytes per line so one
partition per line).  The one that starts with \x80 is the bootable

Likewise if you only want to see the MBR then as root
dd if=/dev/hda bs=446 count=1 |xxd

And the magic number \x55 \xaa
dd if=/dev/hda bs=1 skip=510 count=2 |xxd

Jacques B.
Ok, so this confirm I''ve to wait and think twice, for not to made invalid assertions ... You are correct: forgot to evaluate correctly bs / count and skip.
Another occasion for apologize. Sorry Mikkel and all.
Alessandro Brezzi

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