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Fedora 7: a problem with ntp ?

Dear All,

I have just installed Fedora 7 on a P-III machine. Firewall and
SeLinux are both disabled. But I still can't get ntp running...
I searched the net but couldn't find the right direction...

Here's what I have:
[root frontend ~]# ntpstat
  time server re-starting
   polling server every 64 s
[root frontend ~]# ntpq -p
     remote           refid      st t when poll reach   delay   offset  jitter
 218-185-224-8-b     2 u   20   64  377  358.766  -907853 2890.12
 218-185-224-9-b   2 u   30   64  377  372.321  -907746 2867.96       2 u   47   64  377   81.773  -907581 2879.97
[root frontend ~]# ntptrace stratum 2, offset -0.013595, synch distance 0.096890
ntp0.zenon.net: stratum 1, offset 0.003489, synch distance 0.009358, refid 'GPS'
[root frontend ~]#

ntp.conf exists and was not changed since its creation during install.
I have another machine running Fedora Core 6 and the ntp works there
just fine! On that machine I didn't do anything special, everything
worked right after system installation. I tried to compare the
settings but found no difference...

When I run ntpdate manually, it seem to synchronise just fine with any
of the servers. But ntpd still won't synchronise afterwards.

What can be wrong? Where should I look to?

Thank you very much in advance!

P.S. Without NTP, system clock seem to run too fast on this machine...

Best regards,

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