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Re: ATI video comes out of the closet

Dave Ihnat wrote:

But I would say that "things are easier on a Mac" where things also don't require source and do work across the relevant CPU lines.

The Mac shouldn't even be compared to Linux or Windows; it's a totally
different world.

While I agree that there is a potential for cases you can't compare, there is a large overlap that you can: the case where all the components are designed to operate together and the OS is aware of them.

Everything comes from Apple or is blessed by Apple.

And how does that differ conceptually from buying a system integrated by Dell, HP, etc. and pre-loaded with an OS?

Given that Apple has absolute and total control over the source and
hardware, of course Macs don't have the hardware problems inherent in
the PC platforms.

The issue is why an end user should encounter any such problem. The fact that you _can_ build a windows or linux box out of an experimental, never-tried-before combination of parts and software doesn't mean it is a good idea if you aren't a design engineer looking for a new problem to solve.

Both Linux and Windows work on platforms that have, literally,
thousands of vendors manufacturing a tremendous range of equipment,
most of which has to have a properly working device driver.

Yes, and my experience over the last 5 years has been that the Windows versions are more dependable than the fedora versions. I'm sure there are individual exceptions to that, but I just don't see fedora as a bastion of stability here - or in a position to claim that they have the only approach to drivers that can work.

> Much as
they'd like to, Microsoft can't control all these vendors; the original
PC was wide open--they even published schematics and the source to the
BIOS--and that legacy is embedded in the attitude of the vendors today.
(MS's attempt to lock down the driver interface with Vista is meeting
with a lot of resistance.)

The Vista approach deserves to fail for the same reasons DRM does, but the driving force has to be consumer reaction. If something is difficult to use, don't use it.

  Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell gmail com

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