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Re: Re: ATI video comes out of the closet

Words by Les Mikesell [Fri, Sep 07, 2007 at 11:32:27AM -0500]:
>  Dave Ihnat wrote:
> > Both Linux and Windows work on platforms that have, literally,
> > thousands of vendors manufacturing a tremendous range of equipment,
> > most of which has to have a properly working device driver.
>  Yes, and my experience over the last 5 years has been that the Windows versions are more dependable than the fedora versions.  I'm sure there are 
>  individual exceptions to that, but I just don't see fedora as a bastion of stability here - or in a position to claim that they have the only 
>  approach to drivers that can work.

What? You must be trolling. More dependable? More like more predictable,
you can always predict there will be troubles.

And if your experience is from the last 5 years I bet you've had ME and
98 ubber troubles to some extend.

>  > Much as
> > they'd like to, Microsoft can't control all these vendors; the original
> > PC was wide open--they even published schematics and the source to the
> > BIOS--and that legacy is embedded in the attitude of the vendors today.
> > (MS's attempt to lock down the driver interface with Vista is meeting
> > with a lot of resistance.)
>  The Vista approach deserves to fail for the same reasons DRM does, but the driving force has to be consumer reaction.  If something is difficult to 
>  use, don't use it.

What are talking about? Is it dificult to install or use Fedora? What's
the dificulty, I don't get it. Could you elaborate?

Jose Celestino
http://www.msversus.org/     ; http://techp.org/petition/show/1
"And on the trillionth day, Man created Gods." -- Thomas D. Pate

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