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Re: FC7: 1680x1050 screen resolution on thinkpad T61 with Intel 965GM X3100 video chipset.

Globe Trotter wrote:
--- Whil Hentzen <linux07 softwaremuscle com> wrote:

So there is no hardware problem for me, and it seems there is no
linux issue. Just fedora fc7.

Its a shame to blight a good distro by giving non expert users such grief
setting up a simple thing as the display.
Agreed! And I have the opensource intel.....which installed perfectly with
xubuntu. Wonder when it will work out of the box with fedora.....
Where'd you get the Intel opensource? I've been over to


and they have source but tell you to go to your 'neighborhood linux distro' for precompiled packages. I don't think there's one for Intel + FC6, is there?

I updated mine using the development (for f8) and it works...it will eventually
show up on F7 and perhaps FC6 unless they stop supporting it before then.

I see two packages:

xorg-x11-drv-i810-2.1.1-3.fc8.i386.rpm xorg-x11-drv-i810-devel-2.1.1-3.fc8.i386.rpm

under fedora/linux/development/i386/os/Packages on the various mirrors. Which did you use?

(Getting excited, hopefully not prematurely, been wrestling with this for weeks....)

Whil Hentzen
Milwaukee WI

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