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Re: Slightly OT: Mark Shuttleworth Talks On ATI's New Linux Drivers

Somebody in the thread at some point said:

>> Come on RHAT -- or the Fedora Supreme Council or whatever it is today --
>> you can do this kind of posturing and PR generation too.  Just start
>> putting out press releases on Matters Of Importance.
> I have always been an advocate of quiet competence, rather than
> loud bandwagon presentation.
> But that's just me...

But you aren't on the NYSE[1], nor AFAIK are you running a great Linux
distro that somehow only pulls something around ~10% of Linux users
(including Redhat 8 and 9 IIRC) according to the last few surveys.

If you look on the social sites it is Ubuntu and Shuttleworth all over
the place.  Just sayin' that article could just've easily been with, or
included, the Fedora PR Goto-guy, without becoming a Media-whore.


[1] No RHAT shares here, now or ever

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