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Re: sandisk sansa m240

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From: Michael A Peters <mpeters mac com>
To: Fedora-list <fedora-list redhat com>
Sent: Friday, September 7, 2007 12:09:22 PM
Subject: sandisk sansa m240

I bought a sansa mdisk 240

I can not figure out how to get a playlist on it.
I can get music on it and play the music I get onto it - but not a

I use a shell script to copy files to it - since my mp3's sometimes have
very long file names. When they are copied to the sansa they have names

001.MP3 002.MP3 etc.

It does not play them by file name alphabetical order, I can't figure
out what it does to figure out default play order.

I tried copying a very basic .m3u playlist to it -


I can see the playlist in the sansa but it reports no files when I
select a playlist.

USB settings are set to MSC

Has anyone figured out how to get a playlist onto a sansa m240?
I'm almost wondering if it is something silly like wanting the playlist
to have DOS line breaks - but before I play around too much, I thought
I'd ask if anyone else has done it.

my iPod mini broke :(
That was easy to use in Linux (gtkpod) - but I don't want to buy another
iPod until they make one with a user serviceable battery.

I have the e280 and I've been struggling with this myself.
The playlist format is a specially-formatted UTF-16LE text file.  I don't like that either.
I mount mine as a plain USB disk and then use a couple of Python scripts I hand-rolled to create playlists.  I actually started writing a little GUI for myself using Qt, but I didn't finish it.  Maybe this weekend...

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