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Re: ATI video comes out of the closet

Les Mikesell writes:

Everything comes from Apple or is blessed by Apple.

And how does that differ conceptually from buying a system integrated by Dell, HP, etc. and pre-loaded with an OS?

Dell didn't write the OS they're bundling.

Both Linux and Windows work on platforms that have, literally,
thousands of vendors manufacturing a tremendous range of equipment,
most of which has to have a properly working device driver.

Yes, and my experience over the last 5 years has been that the Windows versions are more dependable than the fedora versions. I'm sure there are individual exceptions to that, but I just don't see fedora as a bastion of stability here - or in a position to claim that they have the only approach to drivers that can work.

Perhaps true, but this is not going to change until more hardware manufacturers support free software. For hardware manufacturers that support free software, their hardware has always been rock solid. Case in point: I've used various Adaptec SCSI HBAs for more than a decade. Never had a problem, except for one stretch, which has mostly due to me using a bleeding edge (at that time) 64bit Opteron.

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