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Re: A little tip (and maybe a request for quality control?)

Frode Petersen wrote:
Tim wrote:
On Thu, 2007-09-06 at 21:59 +0200, Frode Petersen wrote:
I use Grip to rip my CD's and encode them to ogg files. Doing that, I could use vorbisgain to add tags according to the recorded level of
each song, directly in Grip. This makes all songs play at the same
level in i.e. XMMS. However, I want the tags calculated per album, so
that the dynamics is retained as the artist intended it to be, making
soft songs play soft and loud songs play loud.

How's that different from not playing with gain, and ripping/encoding
them as they are?

Well, albums have different overall levels, making some a lot louder than others (rock albums for instance.) Vorbisgain makes this difference smaller, but retains the dynamic differences between the songs on an album if used in the correct mode.

Perfectly explained.  Some albums use full dynamic range of the
medium, some are heavily dynamically compressed so they sound loud
all the way through.  When you use replaygain you set the player
volume control to the volume you want to listen to and one album
doesn't sound louder than another.  (Google volume wars)

The importance of this little feature is probably not great, as I have a volume control, ;-) but it's there, it's relatively easy to use so why not?

Typically I run $ vorbisgain -sraf /<yourmusicdirectoryhere>
r = recursive
s = silently ignore non-Vorbis (such as playlists)


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