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Re: Sound in Fedora7 on a VPC2007 virtual machine?

Bo Berglund wrote:
As can be seen in my thread concerning successful installation of F7
in VPC2007 I am still missing sound support.
It is very strange because if I enter the menu command System/Administration/Soundcard detection
I get to a window where I can test my emulated soundcard (Soundblaster
16) and it produces really nice sounds.

But when I go to the menu command
System/Preferences/Hardware/Sound and enter the Sounds tab where there
are a number of system sounds to select and test, there is no sound
when I click the play buttons.

So what is the problem here?
(Someone suggested to check the Alsa Mixer, but that did not lead

Bo Berglund

There was a recent thread about a similar problem. You could search on gmane.org.

For now, try aplay -lLv to see if alsa is seeing your sound device.

And aplay -Dhw:0,0 some.wav to see if alsa sound is working.

If the above give reasonable information, it is a configuration issue. Your sound card is being recognized, the sound just has to be routed correctly. Because the sound test
is working, this is likely the case.

If that is true, do a search for .asoundrc with the name of your sound card or sound chip
for likely solutions.

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