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Re: Fedora 7: a problem with ntp ?

On Sat, 08 Sep 2007 12:22:36 +0400
Andrew Junev <a-j a-j ru> wrote:

> Nope! I don't have any firewalls. I have other PCs running Fedora
> Core 6 on my home LAN with ntp working on all of them just fine. It's
> only this machine (the only one with Fedora 7) that is not syncing...

I wonder if ntpd has somehow become "stuck" looking for a ntp server that's not

You could try specifying an individual ntp server instead of the default pool

I personally use time.windows.com because it's easy to remember, and I figure
they can afford the bandwidth.  (Plus I enjoy the irony, of course.)

Along the same line, it might be interesting to watch your network traffic when
you crank up ntpd.  On the relatively rare occasions where I want to do this, I
have lately been using ettercap (yum install gtk-ettercap) and it works rather
well.  See if ntpd is actually trying to connect with anything and if it is,
to what?  Are there signs of life on the other end?  Is something blocking the
connection? (If so, try dig and see where it dies.) And so on...

As a last resort, you could always just put rdate into a cron job and forget
ntpd altogether.  Back in the "dark ages" I used to use rdate on my computers
until I either figured out how to set up ntpd or it started working by magic; I
can't remember which, actually.  rdate in a cron job will set your clock just
like ntpd can -- the disadvantage is that you don't get the ongoing drift
correction, though that's not usually a really big hairy deal unless you're
doing something that's very dependent on super-accurate timekeeping.

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