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Re: CUPS broken ?

Marcel Janssen wrote:
> Hi,
> I hardly ever print something but today I needed to print something and my F7 
> system fails on me. 
> I removed my printer from the CUPS configuration but I can't add a new 
> printer. I use system-config-printer which is stuck forever when I try to a 
> add a printer. It's also stuck when I connect to cups. Cups runs though.
> I don't see any errors, dialogs are just stuck forever, probably trying to 
> connect without anyone thinking of programming a timeout or so....
> regards,
> Marcel
Is it a parallel printer? If so, make sure the lp module is loaded.
There was a problem with one version of udev where the lp devices
were not being created. (I think the fix they used is wrong, but
that is just my opinion.


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