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Re: ATI video comes out of the closet

> I think Fedora is more for people that like to "tinker" with the OS,
> and are willing to accept that sometimes things will break because
> we are the testers of the changes. It can be used as a desktop OS,
> but only if you know how to handle things like an update breaking
> things. Things like reverting to the older kernel when the new
> kernel breaks your system, or going back to an older version of a
> package because the new one does not work with your hardware.
> (Hopefully providing a bug report about the problem.) Yes, there are
> going to be problems. There are going to be changes that turn out to
> be dead ends. But if you don't try them, you risk missing
> improvements as well. For example, devfs turned out to be a dead
> end, but the idea spawned udev. Udev still has room for improvement,
>  but so far it still looks like it is going to work, and solves the
> problem of running out of device numbers that was becoming a problem
>  when using MAKDEV.

I'm totally in agreement with you w.r.t. the above. If you want stability go 
for something like RHEL/Centos/SLC.

My objection was more to that suggestion (or perceived suggestion) that any 
opinion that is even slightly anti-linux is not allow on this list. I hope it 
is, as in the long run I believe such opinions on this list are beneficial to 


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