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Fedora philosophy (was ATI video comes out of the closet)

Les Mikesell wrote:
> Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:

>> Fedora is more then a test bed for
>> RHEL/Centos, because problems found here are passed up the line. So
>> things that are found here, and fixed, do not show up in other
>> distributions. Somebody has to test new things. That is what Fedora
>> is for.
> I'm not against experimentation, but if you remember the '60s the
> results don't always work out for everyone.  There has to be an
> alternative.
The reason for Fedora is to find out what things work. But why must
Fedora work for everyone? If the philosophy of Fedora is not what
you want, then you are free it find another distribution that does.
Most of us are here because we want to try new things, and accept
that sometimes that means that things will break on us.

>> If that is a problem for you, then you are using the wrong
>> tool.
> Yes, my complaint is that the right tool doesn't exist.  At least not
> one based on 'yum update' and 'service xxx restart' administration.
Well, if you can not find what you want, you can always try to find
a group of people that feal the same way, and create your own
spinoff of Fedora.

The lack of support for your position would tend to indicate that
Fedora is meeting the needs of most of the people here. We all agree
that it is not meeting your needs. But why should Fedora have to
change to meet your needs is the change is not going to be what most
of the users here want?

>> I don't remember seeing anything that says Fedora will provide
>> a stable system. I have seen advice about it not being suitable for
>> a production environment. If you insist on using hte wrong tool for
>> the job, then problem is not the tool!
> I'd be happy to switch.  I have no brand loyalty at all beyond my own
> invested time in learning administration - and even that wears pretty
> thin when a machine won't boot after an update.  Where is the distro
> that has current apps, RH style admin, and usable kernel stability
> _with_ security updates.
As I said, you are free to roll your own. It has been done in the
past, and will probably be done in the future. You may want to take
a look at Mandriva - it started as a Redhat spinoff. It may be
closer to what you are looking for.


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