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a question about udev rule 50-libsane.rules

Hello there evryone,

I am stuck here I am unsure how to do this step. When I have my father open Sane it will not allow his new Brother 240C to scan. I have an idea what the problem is in fact is is saying "Device I/o error." But what I need help with is how to implement this faq question in to the file listed in the subject. This comes from Brother's site and it is for Suse but I believe it is the same exact symptoms. If some one can explain to me how to make this change I would be greatful. Here is the faq question and answer.

. I'm using SuSE10.2. When scanning I receive the error "Error open the Device 'brother2:bus1:dev1' Error during Device I/O".

1.As root or super user (su) open the file "/etc/udev/rules.d/50-udev-default.rules" with an editor.
list end

block quote
2.Search for the line that starts with "SUBSYSTEM=="usb_device, change the last portion from MODE="0644" to MODE="0666", and save the file.

3.Restart the PC.

block quote end

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