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Re: ATI video comes out of the closet

Matthew Saltzman wrote:

There certainly are reasons to want development to proceed on kernel
technology and drivers.  The state of wireless drivers in Linux is just
sad, for example.  Getting new drivers that support wext correctly and
improve performance and functionality is a worthy goal, even for older

Is there some reason to think this can't be done within driver modules having a stable interface to the kernel? In spite of the fact that other popular OS's can do that? Personally, I think that working drivers for most popular hardware would have been provided by the vendors for Linux ages ago if binaries were acceptable and could be expected to work for several years unchanged. Apparently, that doesn't suit someone's politics.

Also see the new EPEL repository, where Fedora developers build RHEL
versions of Fedora packages.  And of course, several independent repos,
such as ATRPMs and RPMforge.

This is a step in the right direction, but why back into it piecemeal? Build a distro that installs that way in the first place.

   Les Mikesell
    lesmiksell gmail com

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