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Re: Fedora philosophy (was ATI video comes out of the closet)

Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
Les Mikesell wrote:
Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:

All your arguments boil down to that Fedora is not the tool you want
it to be. But Fedora is not meant to be that tool in the first
place. So arguments that it isn't suitable for this or that function
should first consider if it was intended to provide that function.
If it was not, then why should it be expected to?
If someone doesn't say it, perhaps no one will think such a thing is

The problem is that you keep saying it, and the people here keep
telling you that that is not what they want. You might have more
luck starting with something like Centos. You have already been told
about the repo's that will let you get more current applications for
it. If they are not current enough, then you can always get the
source RPM and update it to the current version. You could even
maintain one of more packages that you want to use the latest
version of.
You have been
pointed to distributions that do provide what you want.
No, none of them have what I've said I want, and what I believe a lot of
people would want.

As I said before, pick the one that comes closest to what you want,
and create your own spinoff of it. Fedora is providing me with what
I want. It looks like it is providing most of the people using it
with what they want. What you are purposing would not meet what I
want. From the response you are getting, it doesn't look like it
would be what most of the users would want. So your chances of
changing Fedora to what you want do not look so good. The again, my
chances of getting you to accept that are probably about as good.
But as you have been told before, you are not going to change Fedora
to be what you want. It is working well for it intended audience,
and the changes you want would interfere with that. You want
something that is suited for a different audience.

If what you want isn't out there, and you think it would appeal to a
lot of people, then get together with them and start your own. But
do not tell me that a distribution that is providing me with what I
want has to change because it is not what you want. That is not the
direction the people producing the distribution want to go. I do not
think it is the direction most Fedora users want it to go either.
Fedora is not primarily a server os. It is not primarily a desktop
os. It is primarily a test bed. That is it intended purpose. It is
fulfilling it purpose.

If  Fedora is not providing you with what you want, you can always
return it for a full refund. :)


Les,  Mikkel,

Can I humbly request that you to agree to disagree and perhaps let this list get back to addressing technical issues with Fedora? Like or or hate it, Fedora is what it is.

You both add a lot to the technical issues addressed here but there seems to be no end to your current discussion.


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