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Re: I'm ready to give up Linux!!

Hi 'MoonShine',

From what I have read from your posts so far, I would suggest you to read more about Linux for now. It seems like you switch to Fedora without knowing much about Linux and that causes you many problems.

Linux OSes have very much different architecture from Windows OSes. Files with .exe extension are Windows-only executable program. In Linux, files usually do not even need an extension to be recognized. Due to different architecture designs, supposedly all Windows programs do not run on Linux. Fortunately we have this WINE project. It is also a program that tries to make Linux being able to run Windows program. But by having WINE, it does not mean everything on Windows can just be run on Linux. There are some do and others don't. I think you really have mistaken Linux as some kind of total replacement of Windows in every aspect.

And in Linux, not everything runs on-the-fly. For example for Internet connection, sometimes you may need to set up your ISP's DNS server address and things like that.

I suggest you to read more about Linux first. There are plenty of guides for beginners you can find from the Internet. And be ready to have lots of googling-around when you are using Linux.

Those are my suggestions.

Guo Lin

On 8/8/07, MoonShine < no-reply-gw fcp surfsite org > wrote:
Steve Searle wrote:
Around 08:50am on Tuesday, August 07, 2007 (UK time), MoonShine

Quote:1. Ok I am able to download whatever it is im trying to
download but
the damn thing wont open up! For example for test i downloaded a game
that was a .exe type but it wasnt supported so most of the things I
try to download are file types that arn't supported...where the
update for that!SHEESH!

A .exe will (almost certainly) be a MS Windows executable file that
won't run under GNU/Linux (unless you use an emulator such as wine).

Quote:2. The disc was purchased via ebay and the brand of the disc is
on the DVD it just says Bootable DVD folling with fedora 7 printed on

The sugestion was that your hardware that you are trying to read the
with is not a DVD reader, bu only a CD reader.  What model is it, or
least what (exactly) does it say on the front of it.



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HOW DO I GET THAT DAMN EMULATER! Oh and im sorry it does NOT say
what brand it is on the front of the disc only it says is bootable
dvd on the left side of the disc then says fedora 7 at the top then
gives instruction at the botton of the disc that says : 'The DVD is
bootable.Just insert the DVD in the DVDROM drive and restart the PC
and installation should begin.Make sure your computer BIOS/CMOS is
set to boot from DVDROM'.

[1] http://www.stevesearle.com/champs/about.html

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