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Re: Where is JP2Library ? - missing build-requires

David Timms wrote:
Paul Smith wrote:
I am trying to convert a TIFF image to PDF with ImageMagick, but
getting the following problem:

$ convert -compress JPEG2000 example.tif example.pdf
convert: JP2LibraryIsNotAvailable `example.pdf'.

Try without '2000', is that good enough ?

yum search jpeg shows:
jasper  Implementation of the JPEG-2000 standard, Part 1


I can't see why it accepts JPEG2000, but can not perform that conversion.
Actually, I tried adding a buildrequires jasper-devel, and have found that the parameter is accepted and operated on.

I generated a .spec file patch and attached to:

If you are really keen, you could rebuild the source rpm with the change to get an ImageMagick that converts using JPEG2000, or wait until the patch is applied and released.


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