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Re: NVIDIA drivers -- thoroughly confused ??

Somebody in the thread at some point said:

>      1. Should I just leave the "nv" driver well enough alone ?
>      2. Will I get noticeably better performance downloading the
>         NVIDIA-Linux-x86-100.14.11-pkg1.run from the NVIDIA site ?

If you don't need 3D support, or multiple monitor outputs / TV out then
the nv driver is perfectly fine.

>      3. Or better from the Livina repository?  
>      4. What is the driver rpm name in Livina ?

You have to keep recooking the nVidia driver after every kernel update
if you don't use Livna.  If you do use Livna, you have to wait for them
to recook it for you after the new kernel is available (I think it has a
fallback built in that it will use vesa mode if the kernel is newer than
Livna have for the nVidia thing).  There used to be some advantage in
terms of certain files not getting crapped on by the nVidia install
action too, not sure if that is still true.

If you use nv, there is no recooking or other crap to contend with, if
it works with your hardware it works to the extent it claims in my
experience, that includes xv for accelerated video.  Therefore, IMO use
nv unless you must have the 3D or multiple monitors/TV out.


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