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Re: Fedora philosophy (was ATI video comes out of the closet)

> > real utility to the general user community, to providing a bleeding-edge
> > moving target.  You can try to use it if you wish, of course; but you've
> > little (if any) guarantee that normal updates won't break it, and you
> > are assured that you MUST carry out a major version upgrade within a year.

I would disagree about bleeding edge - Fedora tries to be current Which
is what people were asking for at the time and still do so: very loudly.
There were two distinct communities demanding exactly opposite things.
RHEL serves one of them (and thus Centos if you want bits not services),
Fedora is the other.

I'm actually suprised you've not moved to something like Centos Les as
people have suggested repeatedly that this would fit your needs better.

> Which, I suppose, made the Ubuntu distribution or something like it 
> inevitable as most people have little use for a software testbed and 
> predictably decide not to take fedora.

Rawhide is the testbed, and the -testing repositories. If you want a
bleeding edge software testing distribution take a look at Gentoo. 


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