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Re: Fedora philosophy (was ATI video comes out of the closet)

Les Mikesell wrote:
> Alan Cox wrote:
>>>> real utility to the general user community, to providing a
>>>> bleeding-edge
>>>> moving target.  You can try to use it if you wish, of course; but
>>>> you've
>>>> little (if any) guarantee that normal updates won't break it, and you
>>>> are assured that you MUST carry out a major version upgrade within a
>>>> year.
>> I would disagree about bleeding edge - Fedora tries to be current Which
>> is what people were asking for at the time and still do so: very loudly.
> Are there _really_ that many people asking for major changes in the
> kernel to be done in mid-rev of a distro?  Or are people actually just
> asking for current userland apps and perhaps drivers for new sata
> controllers and the like?

[Very large snip]

I'm having a bit of a difficult time following this particular topic.  Too
many people responding with "sound bites" to other people's "sound bites".

I think, as I believe I heard you say, CentOS 3.x and Red Hat 7.3 work
perfectly fine for you and that you've no particular reason to update.  Yet,
you have a bone to pick with Fedora...which you have tried using but doesn't
meet your needs.  Some may question why you would waste your time trying to
do so it when what you are running fits your needs...but I suppose that is a
different matter.

What I think would be helpful would be for you to list what you feel are the
goals of the Fedora Project and why/how the Project has failed to meet up
with those goals.

I think that would help, at least me, understand what point(s) you are
trying to make.

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