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Re: Do I have an ssh problem?

Steven W. Orr wrote:

On the F7 box, I just happen to have a half dozen files that are about 8Gig. When I try to transfer a file using scp to the FC7 box ssh,

Huh? You are trying to scp 8 Gb of files from the F7 box, to the same F7 box?

the F7 box just crashes.
The trouble is, this doesn't tell us what you mean by "...the F7 box just crashes". Huh?

What was your scp command line?

Assuming that you are trying to transfer files from one machine to a different machine, this sounds like a basic networking problem, but you don't supply any detail of the networking. For example is this an ad hoc network.

I've copied 1+ gb files over SCP many times without a problem.

Cabling problems cause more networking problems than may be realized -- the weakest hardware is the ethernet cable. I've cured some tough-looking problems simply by replacing old cables with brand new ones.


Bob Cochran

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