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Re: Fedora philosophy (was ATI video comes out of the closet)

On Sun, Sep 09, 2007 at 11:30:37PM -0500, Les Mikesell wrote:
> Consultants don't mind having more billable hours...  And they probably 
> prefer that the companies paying them have no in-house expertise.

Please be careful generalizing.  I'm a consultant, and my goal is to
always do things as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, AND to
have clients develop self-sufficiency.  Essentially, my purpose is to
put myself out of work at any given client.

This isn't silly, nor is it facetious.  For one thing, no matter how
often I try to get people to become self-sufficient, it usually doesn't
happen.  Either they don't listen to me (too often), or less often,
they DO develop in-house skills and staff, but I still have skills that
are useful in other areas.

However, in a few cases, I've helped find, hire, train, and then
walk away.  I still get called in on some of these; others, I just
give a ring every six months or a year and check that everything's OK.
They are good references, and I'm still available is something comes up.

Only short-sighted, incompetent consultants try to milk clients for hours
and try to keep them dependent.  This builds resentment that will build
over time and, eventually, bite 'em in the nethers.

	Dave Ihnat
	President, DMINET Consulting, Inc.
	dihnat dminet com

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